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Robin Levison was enlisted by the board of PPK Group Limited (PPK) to join the company as the group’s Executive Chairman in October 2013. The Ignition Group of companies currently holds a >5% interest in PPK.

Since 2006, PPK’s primary operational focus has been on investments in industrial and retirement village properties and property development activities. In the years preceding Robin’s appointment,  the company was characterised by restrained growth due to its operational reliance on predominantly passive property investments.

Since taking the reins at PPK, Robin has devised a more dynamic growth strategy to maximise long-term shareholder wealth. Under the new counter cyclical strategy, the company is shifting its operational focus onto production, technology, safety and automation products and services that primarily target the global high gas underground coal market.

Under the strategy PPK is progressively divesting property assets to capitalise on strong property market conditions, and rotating funds raised into the expansion or acquisition of mining technology, automation, or safety businesses at what are proving historically low entry prices, or into further lucrative property based opportunities.

With its first two mining equipment/technology acquisitions successfully bedded down, a stronger balance sheet and an experienced senior executive team in place, PPK is well positioned to capitalise on the anticipated bottoming and turnaround of the coal market by:

  • commissioning a new state-of-the-art diesel equipment service and support facility at Port Kembla to strengthen the company’s established market presence in the Hunter/Illawarra coal basin;

  • the successful acquisition of AICIC which has the right to commercialise Boron Nitride Nanotubes technology (BNNT) along with Deacon University for multiple uses in mining, defence, aeronautical, medical and other industries.

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