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In 2004, the board of GPS Online (the forerunner to Industrea) invited Robin Levison to undertake a strategic review of its operations and financial position. At the time the company was financially struggling with a $2 million market capitalisation, $2 million in annual revenues and reported a $2 million loss for the financial year end 2005. Robin subsequently joined the company as CEO and in November 2005 was appointed Managing Director. In these roles he was responsible firstly for securing the company’s financial position, and then implementing a dynamic growth strategy that repositioned the group as a mining services and technology company targeting emerging resource countries.

Under this aggressive growth platform, Industrea made seven acquisitions including a foothold into China to target the country’s lucrative underground coal market. Through organic growth and leveraging off world class manufacturing facilities in Australia and China, Industrea rapidly expanded its revenue base through the sale of class leading products that enhanced mine safety, efficiency and productivity in Australia, China, South America, the US, South Africa, Russia and Indonesia.

In November 2012, Industrea was acquired (via a Scheme of Arrangement), by General Electric Company (GE) for an Enterprise Value of $700 million. At this time Industrea had expanded to employing around 1,100 people globally, and had revenue of around $.5 billion.

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